Monday, July 31, 2006

Monsoon Magic 2 At My dearest TUNGA


Cistanche- A root parasitic plant.. It is seen growing below the Karvi Plants... Flowering seen In monsoon.. Belongs to the family Orobanchaceae or Broomrape Family.
Commelina forskalaei- Commonly called Bearded Commelina...Belongs to the Spiderwort family known as Commelinaceae.. A monocot...

Impatiens chinensis- Chinese balsam is its common name.. Again a regualr onsoon herb.. Belongs to the family Balsaminaceae...Beautiful tiny pink flowers are the wonder....!!!
Brynea- A plant flowering in the months of June-July. Commonly called Cup and Saucer plant... The picture shows the opening of the fruit.. It belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae where there is a typical presence of Tricarpellary fruit tht can be seen here clearly...
Begonia crenata - A monsoon plant growing on the elevated part of land or on slants...
Belongs to the Family Begoniaceae

  1. Begonia crenata
  2. Ensete
  3. Impatiens chinensis
  4. Lagerstroemia parviflora
  5. Commelina forskalaei
  6. Brynea (Fruiting)
  7. Curucuma pseudomontana
  8. Curculigo orchiodes
  9. Cistanche
  10. Lia

Sunday, July 30, 2006

CEC's Monsoon Dhamaka - 30th July

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