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This report is completely on the bird race that i participated. The HSBC bird race 2 was an amazing experience.
Date - 22nd January 2005

Rahul Chavan, Neelam Mukherjee, Dr.Sangeeta Dhanuka, Devyani Sahastrabuddhe, Myself ( Team captain)
Team name- Chestnut shouldered Petronias
Visited Places- Tulsi lake area around SGNP, IIT powai lake, Forest club garden in hiranandani, Sewree, BPT road....

### REPRT WUD BE ON SOON!!!!@@@@
Walking through the interiors of forest!!!! Amazing experience.!
The view from the small dam on TULSI LAKE
The beautiful view of the lake through the TREE COVER

The purple sunbird that we found in abundunce

A part of the tulsi lake again where we saw the paradise flycatcher dippiing itself in water!!!!

I christened this fellow FAN_TAILED DRONGO. It was the bronze drongo in flight!!!

A solitary Black drongo

This is a lifer for me!!!! Hold on !!! I dont mean seeing a CROW or SILK COTTON FLOWER!!! I have never sen a crow Feeding on silk cotton nectar. After this shot was taken that smart fellow took away the FLOWER ALong with it !!! CROWS ARE REALL FOOD ENTHUSIASTS. !!

A flock of cormorants near the tulsi lake. COOOL SIGHT!

THE POWAI LAKE- our second birding spot!!!!!!! The place sported a beautiful panorama with lots of birds and also cool breeze!!!!!!

The Whiskered TErn flying fast in the Powai lake

The purple swamphen and purple heron at the Powai Lake.

THE OSPREY WITH A CATCH !! This was one of the bird of the day. We stilll ae unable to figure out wat he caught. We did see the whole thing happen. I mean we saaaw him swoop down, grab something and fly off in majestic fashion!!!!!!!!!!!

The Beautiful GREEN BEE EATERS. Rahul took photo thinking that there was only one bee eater. It was after seeing the image he realised there were 2 in his frame.

The female Golden oriole completely camouflaged actually. I had a tough time spotting it to my team as it was looking as another green leaf. I saw it perching so i knew where she was!!

The Long tailed shrike which we saw on the BPT road while returning back.


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