Friday, August 20, 2004


Today being Parsi New year we did not have college. I thought why not utilize the morning to go for a nature walk and explore a new place. Therefore I along with my 2 friends ( neighbours) went to Naigaon the station next to vasai towards Churchgate.
There is a abandoned railway track that leads to unused the bassein creek bridge between naigaon and Bhayander. This bridge is now the medium of transport for the people staying in the panju village along the coast of creek. We began the walk on the patri at around 6.50 am in the morning.
We where welcomed by the melodious chirping of the tailor birds which were very active vocally. We also got to see them very close. The region along both the sides of the track were filled with fluttering streams of cocks combs and balsams that were waving gracefully along the gentle stoke of the wind. Walking further we also encountered many other plant species , butterflies, dragonflies and birds. We also saw red whiskered, red vented and white cheeked bulbul in plenty. They were very generous in appearing in front of us. We saw the ashy Prinia, cattle egrets, small egrets, flocks of cormorants, Brahminy kites etc on our way. The sighting of the Brahminy kite was also very close. Few butterflies that I could identify were the psyche, yellow orange tip, white orange tip, striped tiger, etc. We also saw certain butterflies that I could not recognize. The plant list I have given at the end.
Well it was fantastic trail as the end point of our trail was the tip of the creek where the bridge begins. We were awed by the massive waterbody that showed the ripples with supremacy and pride. The wind at the point was blowing fiercely and we had a tough time holding on to ourselves. As my friends were first timers for a nature trail , they were indeed fascinated by the beauty that a small spot like this provided. We thus ended our trail with the beautiful close encounters of birds and butterflies captured in our minds thanking God for creating beauty so close so near.
This place is worth a walk for 4-5 hrs as it also promises sightings of different snakes, birds very close and beautiful butterflies.
Plant list-
Impatiens balsaminae
Clerodendron inerme
Lantana camara
Celosia argentea
Cyanotis cristata
Trichodesma indicum
Clitoria biflora
Cyanotis fasciculata
Sesbania bispinosa
Cleome viscosa
Tridax procumbens
Acacia sp.
We saw the flowering of all the above plants

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