Friday, March 19, 2004


After having an eventful day in the morning we had had a splendid evening. I and Sagar had been to Shewree for bird watching. The place was the dockyard near the colgate factory. There were many asian palm swifts welcoming us and so were the crows and pigeons.
Reaching the place which was exposed to the sea we grounded to our feet after seeing the sight which was waiting for us. Their were thousands of flamingoes on the muddy areas near the mouth of water. There were around 5000 of them. While walking along the shores we noticed mangrove plants and some beautiful birds like the white wagtails moving around making beautiful sounds. Kentish plovers, common sandpipers, accompanied them. We walked a little further down; we climbed on to a motorboat to have a better look at the birds. We got more birds to see like the gulbilled terns, ruddy turnstones, Eurasian curlew, black-headed gulls, little terns, lesser flamingoes and greater flamingoes.
The prized sights were the flight of these pinkish red colored flamingoes. It was a precious and million-dollar sight. To observe with a photographer’s view was something different than a normal vision. I was awed and struck by the beauty of the flight of the flock of these pink beauties.
Overall it was a great day and I immensely enjoyed my experience.

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